Get Free & Stay Free From Pornography and Sexual Sin

Victory can be yours! Walk in purity, integrity and in real spiritual power and never look back!


8 Biblically-based Sessions

Instructive and informative and motivational.

A Lifetime of Freedom

Learn to identify Satan’s lies and replace them with God’s truth.

Personal Accountability

Through Freedom Team, you'll be encouraged to walk in victory.

You thought porn software would help. You thought more sex with your wife would help. But instead, you’ve discovered what you hide in the dark grows powerful in the dark.

You just can’t stop looking at pornography

You’re hiding sin and carrying tons of shame

Your marriage is deeply damaged or about to fail

Does any of this sound familiar? You’re not alone FREEDOM Course will help you get free from the bondage of pornography and sexual sin. God’s truth works miracles in the darkest places!


It all starts with knowing and believing the Truth

Hello. I’m Matt Jacobson. As a pastor for 18 years, founder of and a biblical marriage coach, I have seen first-hand the ravages of this epidemic in marriages and families throughout the Church. This course grew out of the teaching and discipleship over the years of working directly with people and the exciting reality is this: The powerful Truth contained in God’s word has helped countless men find real victory - total triumph - over the power of pornography and sexual sin. God’s victory is waiting for every man who is willing to believe what he says and walk in His Truth.


God’s Truth is your key to freedom. Imagine if . . .

You could consistently say “NO!” to temptation

You don’t have any more shame

Your marriage is 100% fulfilling and enjoyable

I will teach you the biblical path to accomplish all of these things. Make the next 60 days the best days of your life. Walking in God’s Truth always brings the blessings of obedience.


Real stories from real men

Do you really believe what the Bible says? Matt’s famous saying is, “If you believe wrong, you’ll never live strong.” How can you walk in the Spirit if you don’t know, let alone believe, what the Scripture says about walking in integrity and purity? Being discipled by Matt has corrected my thinking and has allowed me to walk in purity for the last two years and has radically changed who I am as a husband, father, and fellow brother in Christ. He will open your eyes to the truth of the Scriptures and then make you ask yourself, “Now . . . do you believe it?”
"This course has changed my life. If you have ever engaged in pornography or any sexual sin, I’m here to tell you there is FREEDOM to be found here. I thought I was always going to struggle with porn and the lust of the flesh. If you have ever thought that, I say this with tears in my eyes and a happy heart, that you don’t have to live that way any longer...and through this course, you won’t! Bold, I know, but If you believe in the redemptive Power of Christ, believe that HE transforms lives through this course."
"Matt, I thank God for your life, for this course...I am a whole new man, and I am joyful to experience what God has intended for me. To say that the Freedom course is a game changer would be an understatement. The Bible has the power to set us free for real; it is a matter of truly believing the right things in the right way, and this course brought the truth of God in a way that transformed my whole being from the inside out.”



8 Weeks of FREEDOM Course will save you from a lifetime of defeat, guilt, and shame.

It's time to embrace what God says about you and what he wants you to do.

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  • Self-Paced, Online
  • Eight Sessions, Nine Videos
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Victory can be yours! Walk in purity, integrity and in real spiritual power and never look back!